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Care, sincerity, attention to your needs and professional help from the moment you come through the doors of Taka Spa until you go back to the world more peaceful, more beautiful, healthier and happier.

Taka’s legend

The path leads us. It is a natural path – through the meadow, through the forest, along the river, to the sea... Where one finds peace and clarity, health and energy thrive, gaining beauty and vitality. Taka Spa



Taka Spa exists to bring you peace and clarity of mind,

strength and beauty of the body, inspiration to the soul.



to help people gain simple wisdom – of regular, timely, and comprehensive care for their health, well-being and harmony restoring energy and gaining vitality.


to be the best day spa in Latvia and to provide all-encompassing spa rituals, high-quality products, and excellent service.




TAKAS stāsts


Taka Spa is a 100% Latvian company. Founders and partners Agnita Vāvere and Dina Vjatere.

Co-owner and Taka Spa general manager Lolita Millersone.


Spa development consultant: 

Carina Billetun, head of the Scandinavian spa design and development consultancy company spaus ab (also former president of the International Spa Association (ISPA) European chapter).


Architecture and design: 

Architectural ideas and concept by Swedish architect Marten Fridberg, Interior design – architect Maris Banders, water relaxation area design – architect Sintija Vaivade


International accolades: 

Taka Spa has been recommended to its readers and received recognition from the New York Times, Le Figaro, Wallpaper City Guide Riga, The Wallstreet Journal and other

international media

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