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Taka Spa offers its clients the very best: products from Britain’s spa brand Elemis, which has given the world a unique conception of Spa treatments and rituals whose power lies in the magic of aromatherapy and touch.

Elemis cosmetics are made from pure plant based products, whose active ingredients are recognized and accepted by our bodies, making them particularly effective.  Elemis treatments combine the best methods of healing traditions from various cultures around the world: Ayurvedic, Chinese Tui Na, Japanese Shiatsu and Reiki, Swedish Classical Massage, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, as well as Thai, Indonesian, and Middle Eastern beauty and health treatments.  You can enjoy the healing power of these various therapies right here at home, brought to you in Latvia by Taka Spa and Elemis.

We are proud to collaborate with Elemis. The company itself admits that: “Elemis is available only in the world’s most exclusive spas.”


The Organic Pharmacy


The Organic Pharmacy is one of the leading luxury organic cosmetics brands in the world, created in Britain. It offers safe and effective organic cosmetics made from high-quality, plant based ingredients with no added chemicals.


The brand holds a Soil Association Organic Cosmetics Certificate, one of the most prestigious assessments in the world.  The Organic Pharmacy has a comprehensive range

of treatments and cosmetics.  Just as good for the skin as healthy food!

The Organic Pharmacy is true to its values: the naturalness and effectiveness of their products, and will never add extra ingredients just to enhance the scent or to make the colour and texture of their creams more appealing. Researching natural cosmetics, the cultivation of their ingredients, and the technological requirements for production are a costly pleasure worldwide, for this reason The Organic Pharmacy wishes to make its high-quality products available to clients without unnecessary additional expenses.

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