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Taka Spa offers so much more than just treatments and sessions – our carefree, lovely spa ritual begins with a walk through the parks surrounding Riga’s canal, if you come to the Spa from the city center.  We are also easily accessible by car and provide paid parking. 


To enjoy your treatment fully, we ask that you arrive at Taka Spa at least 10 minutes prior to your treatment so that you can calmly change, and, if you wish, shower, have a cup of tea, and leave the outside world behind. Please take note that if you are delayed, we may not extend treatment times. After your treatment, allow yourself a few peaceful moments to enjoy a cup of herbal tea and some healthy snacks in our Quiet Room.



In our changing rooms, you will find bathrobes, slippers, towels, hairstyling products, and Elemis cosmetics.  All that you need to bring with you is a bathing suit.  




At Taka Spa, we respect our guests’ desire for peace and quiet, and therefore work to provide an atmosphere that is calm and relaxing. We ask that you leave your daily planners and laptop computers at work and your mobile phones in your lockers, switched to the silent mode. Please enjoy the silence with your tea in the Quiet Room, talking should be hushed or not at all. Relax.




Please let us know of any health conditions or recent operations so that your treatment may be as safe, enjoyable, and effective as possible. Treatments will not be performed if your body temperature is raised, to limit the spread of illness throughout the lymphatic system. Facial treatments must be postponed in case of herpes. If you are experiencing acute back and joint pain, massages and physical therapy sessions will not be conducted. 




Taka Spa is a medical facility, its premises are easily accessible and can be used by people with mobility and visual impairments. We provide the necessary assistance for the use of the water relaxation area and treatment rooms (please, request this upon scheduling your visit). Welcome!





Taka Spa is the place for adults and those who are weary to relax in peace and quiet.  Children are about laughter, fun, liveliness, which is natural and beautiful, and we do not want to deny this to them. So, in Taka Spa children are not invited until the age of 16. Only in very special cases, for our Taka Club members, who are familiar with our Taka atmosphere and know their children well – that they will comply with our conditions, may come together and enjoy our treatments from the age of 12. 




Taka Spa has a special offer for expecting mothers that will ease your pregnancy making it healthy, enjoyable.  We will help you select the best treatments and sessions before and after your child comes into this world.




We would like you to feel at home during your visit to Taka Spa. Feel free to tell us your desires – whether it be the strength of a massage or the volume of the music.  We would be very grateful if you let us know how we could make your visit to Taka Spa as pleasurable and comfortable as possible!

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