Regular massages are the essence if the spa therapy for it relaxes, rehabilitates and revives a person physically and mentally.  

Taka Spa Classic Massage.
A massage helps eliminate back and head pains, relieves muscles of tension, improves the metabolism, blood circulation, and skin tone; has a calming effect on the nervous system, renews tissue functions after traumas, and offers a flow of energy to the entire body. Massages are available for the entire body or for separate parts-back, shoulders, feet, and hands. 
30 min/ 55 €,   45 min/ 65€,   1 h / 75 €
1 h  15min/ 85 €
1 h  30min/ 98 €
2 h/ 135 €
Elemis Aromatic Body Massage.
This rhythmic pressure massage reduces stress and relieves tension in the muscles and tissues. Recommended after a tense workweek or active sporting. In choosing the appropriate essential oils, this treatment is tailor made to meet the special needs of each client: 
1.Stress-a-way: Lavender, Chamomile, Melissa, Geranium, and Bergamot Oils work to sooth and provide deep relaxation.
2. Spirit reviver: Lemon, Lime, Peppermint, and Grapefruit Oils tone the body, strengthens the nerve system and renews energy.
3. Muscle melt: Rosemary, Juniper, Thyme, Birch, and Chamomile Oils quickly and effectively ease muscle tension and pain.
We recommend two treatments per week for one month
30 min/ 55 €,   45 min/ 65€,   1 h / 75 €
1 h  15min/ 85 €
1 h  30min/ 98 €
2 h/ 135 €
Taka Spa Physiotherapeutic Exercising and Massage.
A therapeutic session-treatment for tackling individual health problems: reducing back pains and headaches, eliminating muscle tension, minimizing joint pain and stiffness, redeeming from trauma aftereffects and other problems causing discomfort. In an individual consultation, physiotherapist evaluates functional health condition and makes recommendations, teaches and helps to perform correctly the necessary set of exercises. When the body has been warmed and brought into motion, 30 minute therapeutic massage follows for problem area to reduce pain, tension, constriction, discomfort and to strengthen health. One must come to the treatment wearing clothes that are comfortable for exercising. 
1 h/ 65 € 
Taka Spa Lymph Drainage.
A special massage technique stimulates the flow of lymph or tissue fluid, effectively discharging toxins and metabolism waste products. This treatment is effective in the battle with cellulite and recommended after various operations.
1 h/ 75 €
1 h  30 min/ 98 €
2 h/ 135 €
Taka Spa Foot Massage.
Our foot massage, which provides peace and enjoyment, features the ancient Eastern therapeutic art of balancing the flow of energy in the body. This treatment strategically works on the reflex points on the soles of the feet, which are connected to the other parts of the body and the organs; these points are balanced and stimulated, achieving a union of body, mind, and spirit. 
45 min/ 65 €
Taka Spa Silhouette Sculpturing Massage.
A massage for forming attractive body silhouette in order to get rid of unpleasant orange peel relief on hips or elsewhere. This peel is formed of blocked fatty cells between which microcirculation is disturbed. As a result several cells stick together, tissue loses elasticity, skin becomes rough, tough, forming „pits”. Sculpting massage applying wide range of massage techniques adresses various tissue levels in these problem areas. It warms tissues, releasing blocked fatty deposits, enhancing blood circulation and lymph drainage that discharges excess liquid, fat and toxins.It deminishes the size of fatty cells, improves elasticity of skin, turning it into smooth and slim body contour. At the end there is a tension relieving back massage.
1 h  30 min/ 105 €
Taka Spa Aroma Stone Therapy.
This treatment balances the activities of the body’s systems, alleviates tension, and provides peace and deep relaxation.  The massage is performed with stones formed by the lava flowing deep in the earth’s crust and polished and shined by Mother Nature.  The small stones are placed on the key energy points of the body and face, evoking an aura of warmth.  The deep penetrating heat from the stones is used to massage the body and transfer energy to your organism. The massage is performed with an exotic red-jasmine oil, which the Polynesians have traditionally used to protect the skin from the harmful effects of the surrounding environment, reduce the effects of ageing, and revitalize the body. 
1 h  15 min/ 105 €
Taka Spa Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage.
This ancient Hawaiian art of healing features a flowing rhythm and special breathing technique that will almost magically free you of tension and allow peace and harmony to flow into your body. The treatment simultaneously features muscle stretching, a deep tissue massage, and an improvement of the functions of the tendons and joints. This a total body massage, beginning with the head, including the face, and ending with the bottoms of the feet. Let this ancient Hawaiian art help you achieve harmony and a renewed joy in living. 
1 h  30 min/ 115 €
Taka Spa Ayurvedic Champi Massage.
The Ayurvedic Champi Massage is the perfect massage for people overcome with tension and exhaustion, because it brings peace, balance, and a burst of energy.  The massage, performed while you sit in a chair, focuses on the scalp, neck, face, shoulders, and back, using the Ayurvedic oil appropriate for your specific needs.  After the massage, we recommend you wait until the next day to wash your hair, so that the oil’s effects may continue to work while you sleep.  The effects of the massage itself will last for over three days.  A course of Champi massages balances all of the body’s systems, and will help cure insomnia, anxiety, depression, and headaches, leaving you with a feeling of harmony and renewal. 
1 h/ 80 €