We know how demanding modern life can be. If you wish to stop for a moment and wash the world’s dust from your body, Taka Spa’s pools and saunas are waiting! 

Taka Spa has three small pools with different water temperatures, a dip in each pool will stimulate your organism’s systems, improve circulation, and strengthen your body. The larger the contrast, the greater the effect. We recommend our warm pool for short swims and exercises, our hot Jacuzzi for relaxation and an underwater bubble massage. 

Taka Spa has two saunas – a Finnish sauna and a steam sauna. By alternating a session in one of the saunas and a cooling dip in our pools, you will be overcome by a feeling of wellbeing as your blood flow stabilises and metabolism increases, this process will effectively help you discharge excess fluids and promote the cleansing of your body. After a healthy rest in the sauna, your body and spirit will feel invigorated and infused with a fresh burst of energy. Aroma therapy in the swirling vapours of the steam sauna will have an active effect on all of your senses. Cleansing and relaxation in the steam sauna is an excellent preparation for a full-body massage.