Taka Spa works so that peace and clarity might enter your mind, strength and beauty permeate your body, and inspiration fill your soul.

We believe in the realisation found at the basis of several ancient healing systems: sickness comes about if balance is disturbed in the flow of life-energy. In renewing physical, intellectual, and spiritual harmony, the body is able to heal itself on its own. The methods we use are natural: massages, masks, baths, herbal teas, correct breathing, movements, and meditation. We help people actualise this simple wisdom that one must take care of oneself in a timely and regular manner. In addition, we prove just how very enjoyable this can be!

Taka Spa provides hands-on care with natural products and centuries-old skills from various lands and cultures, combined with the best modern methods. You may enjoy our cleansing rituals in Taka Spa’s pools and saunas, as well as the strength and growth of movement in our yoga studio, your beauty will be enhanced and your body will be renewed and strengthened in our therapy zone, and our quiet room will provide an opportunity for contemplation, which liberates the mind and opens it up to new ideas. Taka Spa’s specialists will help each guest choose the most fitting treatments, designing an individual Spa programme tailor made to suit your needs.

It is our greatest hope that in leaving our Spa each of you might feel like the most beautiful, intelligent, and strongest person in the world!