Arrival. Taka Spa offers much more than just treatments and activities - our small spa rituals begin with a walk through the parks around Riga’s canal, if you walk to the Spa from the city centre.  We are also easily accessible by car, and provide paid parking.  We ask that you arrive at Taka Spa at least 10 minutes prior to your treatment in order to change, and, if you wish, shower, drink a cup of tea, and leave the outside world behind.Please take note that in the event of tardiness, we may not extend treatment times. After your treatment, give yourself a few peaceful moments to enjoy a cup of green tea and some healthy snacks in our Quiet Room.


Clothing and cosmetics. In our changing rooms, you will find bathrobes, slippers, towels, hairstyling products, and Elemis cosmetics.  All that you need to bring with you is a bathing suit.


Mood and atmosphere. At Taka Spa, we respect our guests’ desire for calm and relaxation, and therefore work to provide an atmosphere of peace and quiet. We ask that you leave your daily planners and laptop computers at work and your mobile phones in your lockers, switched to the silent mode.
There is no smoking on the premises of Taka Spa.


For your health. We ask that you please notify us regarding any health conditions or recent operations, so that your treatment may be as safe, enjoyable, and effective as possible.


For people with functional and eyesight disability. Taka Spa premises are easily accessible and can be used by people with functional and eyesight disability. We provide necessary assistance for the use of water relaxation zone and studio (please, request it upon making the appointment). Kindly welcome!


Mothers-to-be and new mothers. Taka Spa has a special offer for expecting mothers that will make your pregnancy healthy, enjoyable, and easy.  We will help you choose the best treatments and activities before and after childbirth.


For your wellbeing. During your visit to Taka Spa, we would like you feel at home; feel free to tell us if you would like anything to be altered, be it the strength of a massage or the volume of the music.  We would be thankful if you let know how we might make your visit to Taka Spa as pleasurable and comfortable as possible!